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The Bad, the Good, and the Meh...

SO its been a while since my last posty update..not like there needed to be one but its almost 2 am and I'm not sleepy in the least + I need to rant in some form. SO we will label this excursion in biographical prose "The Bad, the Good, and the Meh".
The Bad...
Well so far, school has been well for me. I'm doing fair in my classes, making many friends, and enjoying the dorm life, but some things this nice-ness don’t last very long. It started when my AC in my dorm room started acting up. I held off for a day or two just to see if it really needed immediate repair, before a friend of mine finally convinced me to put out a message to the dormitories maintenance crew. Well the next day I went to class as usual, expecting for my AC to be fixed when i got back in. I headed back to my room after classes (around 3:30 pm), and saw my brother (witness) who decided to come hang out with me for a bit. We walked into my room, only to see my trashcan knocked over and trash all over the floor. I was a little stunned at this and began to inspect the rest of my room ignoring the AC for the moment. Everything was still in its place besides my bathroom (which I closed my door before I left that morning, because I hang unmentionables on the towel rack), which was completely wide open, with my shower curtain pulled from the rung. Needless to say I was furious. Whomever came in to fix my AC fucking destroyed everything else. It was only then that I decided to actually check the AC to see if they even fixed it.... they did. SO for trash strewn about and ripped shower curtains and exposed laundry, I was able to have the AC in my room again...
On to the other "Bad"...
I had to get rid of my pet rats today. Yes, it was wrong on my part to keep animals in my room, but to be fined 25$ and asked to make an appointment for a "disciplinary meeting" is ludicrous. I'm pissed for the fact that supposedly its become a fad now for anyone to fucking march into my room without a reason or 24 hour notice, and just go paper happy and leave pink slips on my bed. SO today I will be making this meeting and telling them oops for my pets, but I will definitely let them know my disapproval on their lack of social skills and encroachment on privacy.

For the Good...
I think my social life is back to speed. Due to my recent love interests and lack there of, I have managed to gain back my independence as well as my self worth. I have started talking to someone, who I really enjoy spending time with. I don't like making pre-judgments on any one situation, but I hope things continue down a positive path. She is a really sweet person from what I know so far, and I think things could definitely blossom with time. Heres hoping ^^
Also, my sister will be visiting this October, more or less like a final trip to see the fam before moving to Ireland with her husband. I'm soo super excited to see her before she goes, and even more so, at the fact that she will be living in one of the most gorgeous places in the Uk (opinion) She helped raise me, and since she won't be in the states during Thanksgiving and what not, there will be wining and dining no doubt, squee!
And Finally, the Meh...
I have been seriously thinking about places to move to towards the end of my college career. My mother and I have actually sat down and looked at books of places that may be interesting, if not catering to my field of study in terms of jobs (which by the way, has been switched to Photography, and minor in Painting). I of course chose a place that I've always wanted to go to, and have heard nothing but wonderful things about, Alaska. For a photographer there are quite a number of job opportunities in the more urban cities of Juneau (1st choice) and Anchorage (not too fond). I've been looking at rental homes and apartments for Juneau and Fairbanks and have actually come across a few nice places. I'm only hoping for better results as time wears on, but who 2 years I may not even care, and with friendships and more in the works I may not want to leave so far away <3
I'm quite ashamed I have let myself go for so long without whining, but this should last me for a few weeks at least.
-Becca (Mreow)
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