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19 September
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Date Created:2006-09-11
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Becca is pretty much a typical sophmore. Not much "street cred" as far as knowing people goes. She is a Photography major at the University of South Alabama. Minoring in Painting, and taking each semester as it comes at her with great interest. She loves learning new things, and she tends to zone out just listening, if someone catches her attention. Becca is a German-American, and proud to be associated with the fatherland. Cats are her favorite animal (She has 2), But her fursona is a cabbit *Go Figure*. Her family is more important to her than a signifigant other (if she had one anyway). She has had alot of quirky moments, and can be ditzy sometimes, but she values intelligence highly and someone with a good head on their shoulders is a rare commodity. Feel free to message her and/or add her, she enjoys chatting and making new friends.
Strengths: Loves art, is an avid conservationist, enjoys giggling, and is always friendly.
Weaknesses: Cheese, Sexy Ladies, Cigs and Makeup
Special Skills: Artist, Painter, Photographer, World Class Sex Kitten..er Cabbit
Weapons: Combat boots of death, not to mention her dazzling good looks can stop anyone in their tracks..*BAM!*
Favorite Phrases: "Mew!" "Snarf" "It's Coo.." "Whatev, gimme a cigarette!"

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